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Industrial Design


Client Mesmer Société
Year 2018
Role Industrial Design
The creative design by Mesmer Société transforms the concrete forecourt of the Stücki Center into an oasis to give you that beach feeling during your lunch break. It gives you half an hour's holiday - every day!

The beachhouse promotes encounters as well as it allows you to hide in the shadows.

With the ambition to break up this concrete wasteland, we designed a lunch area in front of the Stücki Center in Basel. It consists of ten beach houses with benches and tables as well as benches with large backrests to hide the street.
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Natural materials break up the concrete desert and provide shaded sitting accommodations. With the breeze coming through the open wooden wall and the palm trees around you, the beach feeling is guaranteed.

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Final Approach

Final Approach

The beach house is a lightweight but solid construction that can be assembled with a minimum of materials by just four hands - for maximum shaded seating in public spaces that create a holiday atmosphere.