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Client Suter Inox AG
Year 2019
Role Industrial Design
As part of the Suter Collection 2019, this silicone mat serves as a cooking spoon rest, as a base for pans or as an extension for ORDO. It can be used universally and is is simply a practical kitchen accessory.

Stainless steel and silicone form a perfect symbiosis for the 2019 collection for Suter Inox AG. The kitchen aids organise and clean the surfaces around the high-quality stainless steel sinks.

The silicone assumes the function of protection, cleaning utensil and connecting element. All parts can be taken apart and are easy to clean. Some can even be arranged in different combinations, to expand the functional range of the products.
About Product

About Product

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The MOVI silicone mat is suitable for using the space behind the sink as a drying mat, for sponges or washing-up brushes. It also provides a non-slip and easy-to-clean surface for placing cooking spoons or hot pans. MOVI also offers the possibility of combining those elements from ORDO and PLENA with it.
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The elegant design of the silicone mat combines practical functions and fits wonderfully into the beautiful stainless steel kitchens by Suter Inox.